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Best Answer: u can also get innies and outies in vaginas. innies, the flaps go in. and outties the flaps are on the outside. and a clit is a real thing, when penatrate makes u orgasm. with outtie vaginas the inner lips are on the outside which exposes the clit and other parts of the vagina. and an innie the inner lips are on the inside, which means u have to pull them back to see the clit

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When Eddie has a chance to play a lead role in his theater clubs’ take on Romeo & Juliet, he enlists his best friend, Richie Tozier, to pose as his boyfriend and help him snag the role. The only problem? Richie isn’t simply playing a part. “Not to rain on your parade, Eds, but you’ve told me

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(slang) A navel that is formed of a hollow in the abdomen (as opposed to one that protrudes from the abdomen).· (slang) A vagina with inner labia minora

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In case you didn't know, you can have either an outie vagina or an innie vagina. Whether you have an outie or innie vagina simply depends on the length of your labia minora and labia majora.

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[EDIT] Ok, guess I need to clarify what these terms mean. To quote Psychtest, an "outie" is when the labia minora sticks out further than the majora, and obviously the "innie" is the opposite of that.

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I know when it comes down to it, guys don't care what your vagina looks like as long as it's clean etc. But often, I see polls saying they like innies better and would prefer them if they got to choose, so why is it? I have an innie but frankly I think just that vagina is vagina

Innie or Outie Vagina (Poll) | IGN Boards


I don't care either way. However I will say based on a sample size of the two women I've gone down on (one innie and one outie) the girl with the outie was really into being eaten and she

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In my days as a commercial photographer, this became a question when interviewing models. Most girls are “innies”, which means that there is no visible evidence of their private parts.

Do you prefer "innie" or "outie" vaginas? Does it matter

outie. I hate to say it but I'm super self concious about it because my lips are pretty fatty for some reason plus the inner lips stick out i don't shave only because it makes me feel bad to see it because guys say stuff like oh if your p**** looks like that you must be a slut and be so loose from everyone playing with it so much

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An innie V is when the labia is unnoticeable and bare, and an outie V is when the labia is visible and could hang a bit, depending on the person. I have an outie and it's so mortifying because all the guys I know say their gross.


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