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help me wash my vagina





Why is my vaginal area having bad odor? | Reproductive Organs

Adding lube as needed will also help. From there, you should be thoughtful about your positioning. Abdur-Rahman says any position that puts the vagina owner in control of the penetration is a safe

My sister got her Vagina Waxed! Haha - YouTube

A loose vagina is a problem that affects a vast majority of women, particularly those that have just given birth. This usually happens when the entrance of the vagina over-stretches so as to accommodate the child’s passage. After a few days, it should go back to the original size or something close to it.

washing vagina with salty water | Health24

And I just feel so embarrased! Me and my momare very close, so I would not at all feel very comfortable telling her that my vagina smells. And going to the doctor would just be a bit scary for me. Someone please help me!! School starts in a week and I don't want everyone at school to smell me!!!

21 Ways To Make Your Vagina Smell And Taste Good Naturally

help me wash my vagina

In addition to the herbal/essential oil bath described earlier, another simple way to help your vagina smell good is to consider using a baking soda solution to wash once a week, or before sexy times. Add 2 teaspoons worth of baking soda into a bucket of warm water. Proceed to wash around your vulva, not into your vagina.

Should I wash out my vagina after sex? | Scarleteen

Then again, you may feel the need to do otherwise when your vagina is releasing discharge. Yet, Dr. Herta assured us all that this is totally normal: “A lot of women think they need to do

Vulvar and Vaginal Care and Cleaning | Center for Young Women

help me wash my vagina

Question Posted by: candy | 2007/06/22 w ashing vagina with salty water. i have this slight discormfort and i was advised to sprinkle salt in my bath water and wash down there before i wash my

My vagina smells!!!!!!!!? | Yahoo Answers

my girl friend has a strong unpleasant odor but only after we've been having sex for a few minutes, after the shizzle gets flowing a bit, i think its a bit stronger than it should be, she is very clean, showers in the morning and in the evening, what gives, i like her alot but oral sex is out of the question and seeing as i already have ocd and body fluids bother me anyway, this isnt helping

help me wash my vagina - Yahoo Answers Results

help me wash my vagina

I'm on the pill and when I have sex with my boyfriend, he comes inside me. Afterwards, I always let it run out and clean the outside of my vagina. The rest comes out in my underpants later and I wash inside with my finger when I shower.

Quick Question: Why Is My Vagina So Damn Sore After Sex?

So I talked my sister into getting her vagina waxed lol, this was so funny! I get these done every month and they hurt like hell! Enjoy! - http://instagram.c


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